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General Information

Back to topWhat's SEX-HOT all about? is an adult live chat platform, featuring two way video/audio/text chat interaction with some of the sexiest amateur Models worldwide. On SEX-HOT there are over 30,000 registered Models (growing each day) and as many 300 Models online at any given time.

With an intuitive, simple and easy to use the Flash interface, SEX-HOT insures smooth navigation and an unique experience for everyone. Our Advanced Filters located at the upper side of each "Online", "Offline" and "My Favorites pages" will help you to quickly find a model that fits your cravings.

Back to topAre the Models on online pages really live?

Definitely, YES! All online Models are broadcasting live from their homes or at studios. We strictly forbid usage of recorded video in place of a live stream. We are permanently monitoring the Models' activities and they must be live on cam or we will immediately close their Model account.

Back to topHow do I video chat with a Model?

Browse our Online Models page, by default you will see all available live models, with the help of our filters (ie: Categories, Language, Chat Type, Search etc) you can sort out models depending on your preferences. Once you click on a model you are entering her live video chat room. Everything inside a video chat room is happening in real time, you can watch and hear the models (if their sound is on), you can talk with them via instant text messages and models can answer back in the same way or by voice (if sound is enabled on models side).

Back to topIs Registration really free?

YES, Registration on SEX-HOT is absolutely FREE.
Click here to Signup | Read about other free services | Jump to “How do I register?” question

Back to topIs any software installation required to view the Models?

Beside Adobe Flash Player which most probably is already installed on your PC, there isn't any other required software. However it's recommended to have the latest Adobe Flash Player plug-in for the browser you are currently using.
Check Flash Player version here | Get the latest Flash Player version here Features

Back to topWhat services are free on SEX-HOT?

Free video chat - In this part of the website you can chat with our Models in simple text mode, hear and view them for free. Models aren't nude and chatting is mild. As a Guest, your Free Chat session will be interrupted after 1 min. To get rid of this limitation we recommend that you to create an SEX-HOT member account.

Free registration - Creating an SEX-HOT member account is completely free, as a registered member you can enjoy our Free Chat area without interruptions.

Free video zoom - normal size of live video is 320x240, you can zoom it up to 734x550 for FREE.

Free Model pictures - Every Model on has a personal images gallery that can by viewed for free by accessing their "Complete Profile."

Free Model videos - Every Model on SEX-HOT has an option to record free video teasers that will appear in their Profile page. These videos can be watched for free by our members. If no videos appear on a profile it means that Model has notadded any videos yet.

You, as a Member, can add Models to your "My Favourites" page for free - In every Model's Free Video Chat Room and on their Complete Profile page (Information tab), you will find an option/link named "Add to my Favourites" -- Clicking this link will add that Model to your "My Favourites" page -- located on the SEX-HOT's top menu bar. It is good idea to add Models that you like as your favourites so you may easily find them next time you're visiting our website.

Free messages - you can send/receive free text messages to/from any SEX-HOT Model

Free emoticons - you can send chat emoticons whether you are in the Free Chat or Private Chat areas.

Back to topWhat services are paid on SEX-HOT?

Private Area - is the section where our Models are allowed to perform nude private shows. Before being able to join a Private Show you must buy credits using the PURCHASE CREDITS link from the SEX-HOT top menu.

V.I.P Area - this is the section where our Models may provide extra pictures and videos. You may access a specific Model's VIP Area with a monthly based subscription, payable with your SEX-HOT credits.

Back to topHow do I join a Private Show?

In every online Model's free video chat room, you will notice a big square button saying ENTER PRIVATE SHOW. If credits are available on your account use this button to start or join a Private Show. Once you've done it, a notification window will inform you about your available credits balance and the Model's price per minute. Your private session will start when you click on the "Enter Private show with ModelName" button. From this moment on, the Model will let herself go to your wildest fantasies (within the limits set by our website's rules). During the show, you will be able to see her, listen to her, and even talk to her if you have a microphone plugged in your computer. And if you wish, the Model will also be able to see you.

If there are no credits available in your account, pressing the Enter Private Show button will redirect you to the Purchase Credits page.

Back to topHow do I leave a Private Show?

You may exit from a Model's Private Show by pressing the LEAVE SHOW button or by simply navigating to a different area of the site.

You should know that SEX-HOT has rounded up PAY PER MINUTE billing. For example: if you spend 1 second in a Private Show it will cost you the charge for 1 full minute. Spending 1 minute and few seconds = the cost of 2 minutes and so on.

After leaving a Private Show you have the choice to rate the Model's performance with 1 to 5 stars as well as leave a comment which will appear on that Model's Complete Profile.

Back to topWhat is the price per minute?

The price of a private show will vary between and 2,50€ per minute, depending on how the Model has set the price.
You are informed of this price before entering a private show. A Model's price per minute is also viewable in their Complete Profile page. All private shows are charged by the full minute.

Back to topCan I buy more credits without interrupting my Private session?

Yes, on SEX-HOT is possible to add more credits to your balance while being in a Private Show. Just press "Purchase more credits" button located on bottom-left side of the page. Purchasing credits options will appear in a small pop-up window. See "How do I buy credits?" question for more details.

Back to topHow do I join a Model's V.I.P. Area?

When a SEX-HOT Model has an active VIP AREA, you can subscribe to it from her Complete Profile Page > V.I.P. tab. One VIP subscription fee may vary depending on the Model; the amount will be deducted monthly from your SEX-HOT credits

Important Note: If you can't see the “V.I.P.” option on a Model's Complete Profile Page, it means there is not any active VIP content available yet for that specific Model. (For the VIP area activation, each SEX-HOT Model is required to provide a minimum of 10 private videos.)

Back to topHow do I cancel my V.I.P. subscriptions?

You can easily cancel your VIP subscriptions; just login to your SEX-HOT account, go to “Your VIP subscriptions” page and use “Stop rebill” option - which is available for each of your subscriptions. (YOUR ACCOUNT top menu button > Your VIP subscriptions > Stop rebill)

Purchasing Credits and Billing Information

Back to topHow do I buy credits?

It's very simple and fast to buy credits on SEX-HOT by using the "Purchase Credits" top menu button available on all SEX-HOT pages.

Step by Step instructions:

  1. Login to your SEX-HOT member account,
  2. Click on "Purchase Credits" top menu button (you'll be redirected to the Purchase Credits page),
  3. Choose your desired payment method (credit card, phone, SMS, etc.),
  • For credit card billing, select desired credits package and press the "Credit Card Payment" button, on the next page add your credit card details, click the "Submit" button and you're done (if transaction is successful).
  • For Phone or SMS billing, check the details provided on the "Purchase Credits" page - Phone / SMS section. Note: If you do not see a Phone / SMS billing option, it means that this payment method isn't available for your country.

The same procedure applies to the case of adding extra credits to your balance. The "Purchase more credits" button is available in all free video chat rooms and private rooms. It's also possible to add more credits during a Private Show (without leaving it).

Back to topIs my privacy secure with

Yes, we are using the latest technology to ensure that your personal data is always protected and we highly respect your privacy.
See also our Privacy Policy.

Online payments on are 100% secure and only a discreet reference will appear on your banking statement.

Back to topAre there any recurring fees?

No, currently on SEX-HOT there are no recurring charges. You manually add credits to your member account every time you need to.

Back to topWhat if I need billing support or billing information?

You can reach our billing department HERE or from your SEX-HOT account > Purchase Credits page > There is a link below Credit Card box - "Click here to reach our support.". You will be redirected to the billing departed, use this Contact only for billing related questions. Additionally a detailed Billing FAQ is provided on that page.

In case of other problems or difficulties, fill out our Contact Form. Please be as detailed as possible in your problem description. Thank you!

Member Account Information

Back to topHow do I register?

Creating a Member account on SEX-HOT is FREE and easy as 1, 2, 3.
Just click SIGN UP at the top menu, fill in the Registration Form and then click the REGISTER button. Now your free account is ready to go. We do not require email confirmation for your free account. However, our system will automatically send you an email -- the email will contain your account username and password.

Keep your SEX-HOT login details in a safe place. Keeping these details in your email inbox is not SAFE enough, this is why we strongly recommend deleting emails containing sensitive information ( like usernames and passwords ).

Back to topCan I create multiple accounts?

Yes, as long as you don't use these accounts for inappropriate purposes, we have no problem with it.

Back to topI lost my password, what should I do?

You may use our Lost Password form to reset your password. You'll need to provide your user name and email. We will send you a new password via email.

In case you do not receive our email; first make sure you've also checkedthe Spam folder, if the email is nowhere to be found, add our email address to your Contacts list (Safe list) and use Lost Password feature again.

Back to topI don't remember my SEX-HOT username, what to do?

You can create a new account, anyhow if you want to recover the one you don't remember about, please Contact Us

Back to topWhy I can't save my login details to my favorite Passwords Manager application?

Passwords Manager software or browsers Auto-login feature won't work with Flash forms.

You do have a checkbox bellow Login form that allows you to save your NickName, however for security reasons we DO NOT offer a "Remember my password" option within browsers.

A solution for fully automatic login is the usage of XloveMessenger.
Read more about XloveMessenger!

Back to topHow do I check my credit balance?

Easiest way to check your credits is by entering a free chat room, (you need to be logged in) your balance is displayed above "Purchase more credits" button (middle-left side of the page).
You can also view your current balance right after you click "Enter Private Show" button or by accessing your "Personal information" page (YOUR ACCOUNT top menu button > Personal information).

Back to topHow do I close my SEX-HOT member account?

We hope this won't be necessary :) but if you really have to do it... than Login to your account > go to "YOUR ACCOUNT" page > Personal information page > Press on Edit button > Bellow Edit form you'll notice a "Close my account" link.

Interactivity with our Models

Back to topCan I exchange personal information with SEX-HOT Models?

You will jeopardize your Member account and any credits that you have in it if you do!

It is strictly forbidden and a cause for termination of your Member Account, as well as forfeiture of any credit balance, to exchange any kind of personal information with our models such as, but not limited to: addresses, emails, phone numbers, instant messenger IDs and/or any other kinds of information that would allow direct contact with any of the models.

In the event of any violation of this rule, our Moderation Team will immediately shut down your account withoutnotice and without any possibility of refund.

Back to topHow can I find more information about a Model?

While with a Model in their free video chat room, you may access her Model Profile (see the "Complete Profile" link). On her Model Profile page you will find information about the Model's age, body measurements, price per minute, personal description and other valuable information. From her Model Profile page you can also access the Model's pics and videos (as available). Also, in her schedule (if completed) you may view comments left by other customers after they have enjoyed a Private Show with that Model. You may also send the Model text messages.

Back to topHow can I send messages (like email ) to a Model?

You may send text messages to a Model from their "Complete Profile" page > Messages tab.

For an Offline Model, you are automatically redirected to that Model's Complete Profile page. If you want to send a message to an Online Model, you'll find a "Complete Profile" link inside their free video chat room.

Back to topHow do I read a message I receive from a Model?

First, login and click on the"YOUR ACCOUNT" button in the top menu, you will then see your SEX-HOT Inbox. From this page you can also check your Sent messages.
Additionally below the LogOut button (top-right corner of the page). We notify you of the number of new/unread messages, clicking that text will also take you to your messages Inbox Page.

Back to topHow do I add Models to "My Favourites" page?

"Add to My Favorites" links are available on the following pages:

    • Online Models' Free Video Chat Room,
    • Online and All Models - Complete Profile page,
    • And the Private Show page.

    Back to topHow do I rate Models?

    You can rate a Model with 1 to 5 stars after you Exit from a Private Show. A notification window will ask you if wish to rate that Model. By default, our system applies a 3 stars rating to all Models. When you choose to click Cancel, no stars are counted for the Model. Should you click the Submit button without touching the stars, the default rating (3 stars), will apply.
    Click your left mouse button and drag it over stars for a more accurate rating.

    Back to topHow do I add my comments to a Model profile?

    Same as the rating option. Comments are available after you're leaving a Private Show. In the notification window, below the rating stars you'll see a comment form where you can write your impressions.

    Private Show interactivity

    Back to topHow can I talk with a Model via microphone?

    To use this feature you will need a microphone installed to your PC. You can send/enable your audio only in a Private Show. Up to four customers can join a Model's Private Show at the same time. However, only the first connected customer will be able to send audio. It is possible to enable/disable your audio at any time, by default this feature is disabled.

    Back to topHow can I share my webcam with a model (Cam2Cam)?

    Cam2Cam feature is available in Private Show only for first connected customer. Using Cam2Cam requires a webcam to be connected and installed in your computer. It is possible to enable/disable your webcam at any time; by default this feature is disabled.

    Troubleshooting and Technical information

    Back to topSome parts of SEX-HOT site are not loading properly! Why?

    We use Adobe Flash technology; make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash Player plug-in for the browser you are currently using.
    Check Flash Player version here | Get the latest Flash Player version here

    Back to topI plugged my microphone in however the Model can't hear me, what can I do?

    Check these steps:

      • While in Private Show make sure you have enabled "Your Microphone" (small icon located in the right side of chat box);
      • Remember that you can use this feature only if you are first connected customer. If there is no Microphone icon available in the page, it means that another customer joined that Private Show before you.
      • Check out Flash Settings - mouse right click on model video, choose Settings, a small box will appear. In the bottom of that box there should be 5 small icons, first press on second one (from left to right - Privacy) and make sure Allow and Remember are checked. Go to third item (from left to right - Microphone) and make sure the correct audio device is selected and adjust Record Volume if needed.
      • Make sure your microphone is plugged into the proper port (usually pink one);
      • Some microphones are equipped with ON/OFF button, check for it;
      • From your desktop or control panel access Audio/Sound Settings > Recording > and make sure Microphone and your Sound Device are properly selected; also check out your microphone volume;
      Flash Settings Microphone

      Back to topMy webcam works on my PC but the Model can't see me, what can I do?

      To troubleshoot your webcam's problems:

        • While in a Private Show make sure you have enabled "Your Webcam" (small icon located in right side of chat box);
        • Remember that you can use this feature only if you are the first connected Member. If there is no Webcam icon available in the page, it means that another Member joined that Private Show before you. Your webcam will not be available in this event;
        • Make sure that your webcam is not currently in use by another application;
        • Check out Your Flash Settings - right click on Model's video, select Settings from the menu that appears. In the bottom of that box there should be 5 small icons, first click on second one (from left to right - Privacy) and make sure Allow and Remember are checked. Go to the last item (from left to right - Webcam) and make sure the correct Camera device is selected.
        Flash Settings Webcam

        Contact information

        Back to topHow do I contact your customer service department?

        For billing related information please access this page: Billing Support

        For any other questions or suggestions please fill out this Contact Form

        You can also contact our live support on this page: Live Chat Support

        Company info: